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To connect investors to profit through passive real estate investing while paving the way to exceed their goals.


To be unparalleled in the market of investment companies through focusing on being creative, lucrative, secure, and family-focused in order to exceed the customers’ goals.

The owner and CEO of Grainger Real Estate Solutions LLC is Kayla Rozo. She founded the company in early 2020 after falling in love with real estate investing.

Kayla graduated from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs with two Bachelor of Science degrees. She majored in business management and economics, which created a strong foundation for the inception of this company.  She heavily emphasizes integrity, excellence, and service within the company due to the core values instilled in her throughout her military service. Those values can be clearly seen in the day to day operations of the business, even today. 


  • Connect investor to real estate deal
  • Collect respective investment amount
  • Complete real estate deal within predetermined timeline
  • Cash out deal
  • Send check with investor’s investment + profit combined or immediately reinvest in another deal (most common)
  • Repeat until goals are exceeded

*Deals are encouraged to run back-to-back or concurrently in order to exceed goals as efficiently as possible

4 Pillars



  • Act with integrity
    • We will always be honest in each deal we make, with each investor, home buyer, home seller, mortgagee, partner, and tenant. 
  • Promote inclusivity
    • We celebrate diversity while simultaneously demanding an environment where all feel equal and valued. An environment is nurtured where we can remain allies to individuals of all ethnicities, genders, disabilities, sexual orientations, religions and backgrounds. 
  • Continuously improve 
    • We strive to grow and learn more each day in order to improve GRES along with all of our employees.
  • Strive for excellence
    • At GRES, we are consistently evaluating our progress and looking for ways to excel. 
  • Encourage self-improvement 
    • GRES employees, CEO included, are encouraged to research and study topics that will improve the business and personal aspect of GRES, to improve the quality of life for his/her family. 
  • Make the world better each day
    • Grainger Real Estate Giving Back was created to provide those in need with adequate housing. GRES will channel resources, time, and love back into communities around the United States.