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Our goal is to connect individuals who need to sell properties to cash in a fair, efficient, and timely manner.



    How quickly can you close?

    We can close in as little as five business days.

    Do I have to do any repairs to the property before I sell it?

    No, we purchase all properties in “as-is” condition to simplify the process for the seller.

    Do I have to pay realtor fees or closing costs?

    No, there will be no realtor fees and our company will cover closing costs. The only time the seller would have to pay realtor fees is if they independently hire a realtor to represent them. In that case, the seller’s realtor fees can be subtracted from the price our company is able to offer.

    Can I sell to your company if there are issues with the title of the home?

    If you can reconcile the issues with the title, we are able to still purchase the home. Otherwise, we cannot purchase homes that do not have clean titles.

    What happens if I owe taxes or have liens on the property?

    The seller is responsible for catching the property up on all taxes and lien payments. Those fees can be paid out of the buyer’s profit at closing to avoid the buyer having to pay anything out of pocket.